Seth’s Story: Army Helicopter Pilot Service Deets

How are you connected to the Military?

I am a retired Army pilot. I achieved the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 4. I served 21 years Active Army and 9 years Army National Gard and Reserve.

Why did you join the military?

I was frustrated with civilian employment.

What types of helicopters have you flown?

TH-55 (training helicopter we only flew in flight school. (red helicopter shown)

 UH-1 (later in flight school and later on for approx. 3 years);

Ch-47 B/C model and then transitioned to the CH-47 D model for the remainder of my career.

Deployments or Duty Stations

I was never deployed. I did have duty stations in the following places:

  • PA Army National Guard
  • Fort Sill, OK
  • Fort Rucker, AL
  • Camp Humpries, South Korea
  • Fort Kobbe, Panama
  • CA National Guard – Stockton
  • National Guard Bureau, Washington, DC

Best and Worst Duty Assignments and Why?

Best was Panama. Getting to fly in paradise. Hottest and wettest I’ve ever been My favorite memory is flying over the ocean in Panama. Fort Clayton, Panama, was my favorite place to live

Worst was Korea. Difficult staff. Coldest I’ve ever been.

What foods did you learn to eat that you didn’t eat before joining the military?

Kimchi. Squid ceviche. Tofu. Curry. Chicken Bog. Sushi (real sushi). And MRE’s (meals ready to eat – an oxymoron)

What customs or habits did you learn in the military that you still do?

Watching, reading, reading and predicting the weather like any good pilot does. Measure distance based on dopler sound when I hear artillery. Short hair cuts. But…I don’t shave every day.

Any friends you remember? Do you keep in touch?

1Lt Dennis Wiebe – nope. Not since I retired.

Cpt Bob Barrett – yes. Through FB.

Why did you leave?

It was time to go.

Stay tuned for some more of Seth’s military life memories!

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