Seth’s Story: On Love and Faith in the Military

Did you get married while on Active Duty? Tell us about that.

No. We married between the time I was National Guard and Active Duty. We met while I was going through flight school. We didn’t have much time to get serious, so we played a lot of games (tennis etc.).


Besides being able to meet and marry my wife, we were able to adopt our first child in Panama. Our second child while at Fort Rucker, AL.

When I graduated from Officer Candidate School (OCS), I was commissioned and had to pick a Branch. I chose Signal because of my enlisted background as a Avionics Technician. During the two years between graduating from OCS and attending Flight School, I was required to attend a Combat Arms school as a commissioned officer.  I was stationed at Fort Sill, OK – the Home of Field Artillery.

Flight School Graduation Ball
DeeDee pinning on Seth’s wings

Upon graduation from Helicopter Flight School, I was awarded Aviation Branch wings. (See the picture of DeeDee pinning on my wings.) I was in the first class to graduate when Aviation became a Branch. I trained and was stationed at Fort Rucker – Home of Army Aviation several times throughout my career.

Faith: How did your faith change, how was it challenged, and how did it grow?

I was able to experience God in a deeper way based on where I was stationed. I accepted Christ during basic training. I grew in my faith in Panama. I matured in my faith in DC.

How did military life change you for the better or for the worse?

It changed me for the better. It gave me something to work toward and compete with others around the country. I learned about military traits – honor, respect, honesty, duty – that helped me to be able to improve my personal growth.

DeeDee sitting in front of Seth – Visiting DeeDee’s family during a family reunion in Blue Springs State Park, Blue Springs, AL 1990; on mid-tour leave from South Korea

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