Eddie’s Story: Army Specialist

Welcome back Eddie Mingus as he shares his experiences in the Army.

Tell Us About Yourself

I was a Specialist (SP4) in the United States Army from 1984-1989 and served as a military policeman.

Why Did You Join?

I was old enough and needed to get out of the house and get a job. Our family has a long history of Military service.

Where Were You Deployed?

I went to Rock Island Arsenal in 1986. I was assigned to an Ordnance company in Cakmakli, Turkey.

Where Were Your Duty Stations?

I was at Ft McClellan, AL; Seneca Army Depot, NY; Ft. Leonard Wood, MO; Cakmakli, Turkey; and Ft. Knox, KY.

Me in the Army – far left.

What Was Your Best Assignment, and Why?

I was always partial to Ft. Leonard Wood. I had many great assignments and met several people whom I’m still friends with to this day.

Worst Assignment?

Turkey. The unit I was assigned to seemed to hate MP’s.

How Did Military Life Change You?

I’m proud of my service. It was a good decision for me.

Where Was Home Before You Joined the Service and Where is Home Now?

I never had an attachment to my dad’s hometown since he was in the Navy and I traveled around a lot as a kid. I currently live in Tampa, Florida.

Were You Ever In Combat?

I never did while I was in service. Back in 2008 I retired from my job and did some private contracting work for the Department of State in Afghanistan.

What Did You Learn to Eat that You Didn’t Eat before Joining the Military?

For me it was Turkish foods. I have come to really like a lot of their food such as doner kebap.

Advice for Those Planning to Join the Service

See the world and live your life. Take chances. Meet new cultures. Take lots of pictures. Get out of your comfort zone. Jump from airplanes. Test your limits.

Love in the Military

When I was in the service I had not dated much. I went overseas to Turkey and met someone who I thought had good family values. It wasn’t so. After about eight years we got divorced. From that relationship I became the father to a little girl. Best thing that ever happened.

Eddie now – in Tampa Florida

Thank you for your service Eddie! And thank you for sharing your story! God bless!

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