Eddie: Navy Brat Living Overseas

Welcome Eddie back as he shares his experiences traveling as a Navy brat.

How Do You Answer the Question: Where are You From?

It has always been a tough one if you haven’t been part of the military life. Sadly I do not have a place I call home. I like to claim to be from Hawaii. It’s easier to say than trying to explain my background and why I look the way I look. if people push, I tell them my mother is Japanese and my father is from Kentucky.

What Did You Like Most About Living Overseas?

The freedom of just being a kid with no responsibilities.

How Many Elementary/Middle and High Schools Did You Attend?

Five elementary, two middle, and one high school.

The Best Place Your Parents Were Stationed?

Yokosuka, Japan.

Eddie in the blue hat, 2 unknown girls, Jessie and his brother. My dad knew Jesse personally and my dad would give him magazines he enjoyed. As a thank you my dad’s friend arranged for us to go to Jessie’s sumo stable for a tour and we met him personally.

How Many Times Was Your Sponsor Deployed and How Was That Experience For You?

I remember my dad going to the Philippines and Korea a lot. It was always great because he’d come home with lots of comic books, shoes, and clothes. My dad went on two six month deployments. One to Kenya and the other to Australia.

At the time I didn’t appreciate living in seven different places. All of them had a uniqueness about them. I have lots of good memories, however, I hated moving and leaving friends behind. Looking back it was a great experience as I saw a lot of the world. It gives me an appreciation for things I have now. I’m lucky to still have friends from back then.

Did You or Any of Your Siblings Join the Armed Forces?

My brother went into the National Guard as he could not join the regular Army because he had flat feet. I went into the Army but wanted to go into the Marine Corps. The recruiter for the Marines didn’t show up so I joined the Army.

Favorite Memories?

Some of the best memories I have are from recent years. After having not lived in Hawaii for forty years or so it was nice to go back. I went there in 1999 and was able to see my old home and even go inside to look at it. Not much had really changed in the home. It was smaller than I remembered. The cactus my dad planted was huge and taller than the house. I went back again in 2015 and the home was gone. Everything had changed in the neighborhood and I did not recognize anything.

Stay tuned as Eddie returns to talk about his life in the Army.

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