Eddie’s Story: Military Father and Son

Welcome Edward “Eddie” Mingus to our blog! Today he shares his father’s experience of serving in the Navy.

Why did He join?

The way my dad tells it, his mother told him he was old enough and needed to leave the house and get a job. My family has a long history of service to the Armed Forces.

Edward “Donnie” Mingus (father) and Edward “Eddie” Mingus (son)

All About Dad

My father was a Chief Petty Officer (CPO) in the United States Navy from 1957 to 1979. I don’t remember how many deployments he had but he has been to Vietnam, Cuba, Philippines, Korea, Kenya, Australia, Johnston Island and probably others I don’t recall. He was stationed at: Great Lakes, Sasebo, Johnston Island, Hawaii, Camp Lejune, Subic Bay, Yokosuka, and San Diego.

Best and Worst Assignments?

Dad considered his best assignment to be Yokosuka and being on the USS Midway. He would like to return to Sasebo someday.

HIs worst assignment would have been Vietnam. He doesn’t talk much about it.

Favorite Memory

I think it would be his time on the USS Midway. He talks a lot about it. Of all the Navy hats he wears it always has something to do with the Midway.

Favorite Place to Live?

My dad would say either Yokosuka or Sasebo.

Toughest Time?

My dad would say retiring from the Navy was the hardest.

Is the Military better now than when you joined?

In some ways I think my dad and I would agree that there are parts which are better. There is an overall problem with leadership.

The biggest reason is there’s a culture of wokeness developing within the military. It’s become a social experiment where the focus has been on feelings and personal enrichment, whatever that may be. This is the US Military. It’s for one thing, and that’s defense of this country and war.

Why Did He Leave?

My dad retired because he was ready to go home. He loved the Navy and regrets retiring when he did. In retrospect he would have liked to stay in longer than he did.

Where’s he at now?

My dad is living in Cloverport, KY. He loved the name and regrets retiring when he did.

Staying Connected

My dad doesn’t really keep in touch with anyone. He doesn’t use a computer and many of his friends are in bad shape.

STAY TUNED as Eddie shares his experience as a Navy brat and then his experiences in the Army!

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