DeeDee’s Story: A Military Brat Part 6 of 6

How Many Times has my Sponsor Been Deployed?

My dad didn’t go out to sea much the second half of his twenty-year career. I remember he went out when I was about ten years old and I don’t think he did again after that. I was so sad since I was supposed to take care of his fish and they died. I cried that I had let him down. When he returned he understood and we went to a store that only sold fish. It was in the Spanish town with cobbled streets and centuries of history on display wherever we went.

Did Any of My Siblings Join the Armed Forces?

My brother, John joined the Navy became an Air Traffic Controller. It wasn’t a good fit. Then they sent him to nursing school. That was good for him. He married a sweetie from MN who didn’t understand the military lifestyle, so he got out. He loved his time on active duty. As for my sister, she did not want to live her life as a military member or spouse. She took root in the south and is glad she did.

My brother Johnny, rocking that 80’s mustache. 2nd on the left, front row.

Did I Say Mam and Sir?

Yes Sir I did. Still do. I don’t think it was because my dad was Navy. I think it was because I had super, uber southern parents that believed a child had a role to live and it wasn’t as an adult in the family. We were taught that polite children use their manners and southern polite children better say mam or sir. Lol

Are Do Still have Contact with your Brat Friends?

Tammy and Me

Yes. Absolutely yes. I met, Tammy, one of my best gal pals when I was in 7th grade. She married her high school sweetheart (Jay is a brat too) and our husbands are friends too. Here’s where I visited her in FL.

Me, my hubby (the beardless one) and our friend Jayson.
Me and Gena
Wow, we look just the same as we did in 1990!

Gena, my bestie in high school in Rota, was in my wedding. I was in hers. We live states away from each other but still keep in touch. Here’s a pic from when she came out to CO.

I still connect with our maid/nanny we had during my dad’s first tour to Spain. Here is a couple of pics from out times with Juani. She is a blessing in our lives. Like a big sister.

THANK YOU DEEDEE Lake for sharing your military brat experiences! We will be hearing more about her real life military romance in the future. I’m thrilled to be part of helping bring DeeDee’s military romance novel ideas to the page. Stay tuned! First book releases November 1st! Camouflage Christmas!

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