April’s Story: Army Brat

What Branch of the service were you connected to, how, and what years?

I was born in Atlanta, Ga January 1969 as an Army brat as my father was serving. In total my father served 20 years, 17 in Army and last 3 in Navy. 

Where have you lived?

When I was 3 months old we were stationed in Germany. We lived in Karlsruhe and Rusheim for 8 years.

What was your favorite tour of duty and why?

My favorite tour of duty was there in Germany. My Oma (landlady, as we lived off base until I started school) treated me like her own. She didn’t speak English and I learned German from her. I got to experience early in life another culture & history.

How do you answer when people ask, “Where are you from?”

We lived mostly on the East Coast when we were in the USA. When asked where I’m from I always say Atlanta, GA but I’ve called South Carolina home since 1984.

How has being a military brat influenced your life?

I’m definitely a traveler and travel domestically and internationally when ever I get the chance. I’m not a typical tourist as I immerse myself in the culture I’m visiting. My husband of 25+ years doesn’t understand my desire, no need to travel as he’s a homebody but he’s learned that’s just part of my makeup and travels with me.

Thank you, April, for sharing your story!

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