DeeDee’s Story: A Military Brat Part 3 of 6

Things I’ve Learned as a Military Brat

  • I am proud. Blessed. Honored to be a Navy Brat. Just like you, I wear my “bratness” as a badge of honor that I’ve earned through the moves, schools, tears, laughter, making new friends and missing ones left behind.
  • I am the person I am today because of the amazing experiences I had as a kid living all over our beautiful country and abroad.
  • I am patriotic to my core and stand when our American flag is raised.
  • I’m accepting of others because I’ve walked with many cultures as I created my own.
  • I love people not for what they can do for me but because they are unique and each one has an amazing story.

The Specialness of Military Brats

Being a military brat is special. Some of us love the military lifestyle, others hate it, and then there are all those who have a love-hate relationship with the military. Life is hard when you miss your “sponsor”. The service member misses so much but so does the military child. Birthdays. Heartbreaks. Science fairs. Holidays. And much, much more.

Still a Military Brat After All These Years

I’m still a Navy Brat after all these years. For example, often I begin to stand before the movie starts to play in the theater. I’m sure I’m not alone in that. And I feel safe when I’m on base or post. It’s familiar even if I’ve never lived there before.

Drive in theater in Rota, Spain We enjoyed going to the drive-in and sitting in the stands.

Structure is good; it’s part of our lifestyle that gives us healthy boundaries. The routines aren’t meant to stifle us; they are in place to support children who live all over the world. Brats need structure to help them know their boundaries. They help us to be strong in new and unknown environments. It’s one of the things we pack up and take with us from tour to tour.

Stay tuned for more of DeeDee’s story on September 13, 2022.

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